Fitta is an innovation in personal fitness services – and it represents a perfect marriage of personal fitness and technology through the mobile, in a seamless and invisible way.

It is a stunning new app that allows people to locate a fitness trainer instantly, wherever they may be. It works by matching the user to an established fitness trainer based on fitness goals and location.

It is very user-friendly and geared totally to the needs of the consumer or business professional.

Fitta will combine both disruption and evolution of the personal fitness sector – and advance a model that we confidently predict will become a dominant and market-leading interface in the massive industry of personal fitness.

Fitta will digitise personal fitness innovation in all the key areas, introducing a completely new process which will include simple and easy payment systems.

The innovation and evolution of Fitta will incorporate disruptive AI and the blockchain, in a holistic fashion. Our innovation will take many forms, sometimes using an old technology in a different way, together with disintermediation of the customer base, where the side effects at this stage, will not always be known.

The opportunity is much more than a digital solution. This is digitisation that recognises the way services are delivered and how people interact – and improving it, by removing the friction that could disrupt a significant market place.

Fitta’s role is based on evolution, growing up from a grass roots base. It advances a model that appears to have been static for a period of time, with the vision of taking over and transforming an industry over the next 20-30 years.

We will be utilising various technologies that will make use of the vast amounts of data sets now available and those that will soon be available through future technology. This will deliver a range of cutting-edge services that make use of that data, providing more innovation and exciting new ways of solving different problems.

Fitta will deliver different ways of providing personal fitness solutions and will improve customer experiences everywhere, plus, reduce risk and grow the natural universe of people who can access personal fitness services.

Fitta will provide easier access to personal fitness, enhancing availability of personal fitness providers – critical with this technology – in three hugely exciting, but very simple ways.

  • The new data sources, will see a growth of personal fitness services in every town and city. This will drive the process
  • The new technology will allow alliances in an inexpensive way
  • The new ways of communication, together with the growth of AI will make these services more efficient

We confidently expect Fitta to stimulate the market. It will create something new, neutral and independent, to provide market choice, which has never really existed up to now.

Personal fitness, personal health and business efficiencies will increase exponentially – and we predict a positive knockon effect, resulting in everything fitness and health related, benefiting from this innovation.

A good example of this, is that Fitta will provide a global personal fitness solution for the modern global traveller. Wherever they may be in the world, Fitta will provide a greater user experience which we believe people will
embrace enthusiastically.

Fitta will continue to develop and improve through technology, providing its unique and attractive benefits through the medium of the mobile telephone, in keeping with the growing trend in the modern day.

What’s more, it will also create a new architecture opportunity for personal fitness providers to move into – and we envisage providers will start to migrate from legacy platforms onto Fitta over a number of years.

Fitta offers scalability and growth, but it also offers something more – and that is the real reality of getting to a 24/7/365 environment, which we expect to happen by 2022.

In the future, technology will change the way we see personal fitness. Fitta will be at the forefront of this, by creating vision data – and the combination of that new data, packaged with the increased processing power of devices and AI , will allow us to do the key things very differently.

It will combine the power of robotics and AI to help create a very exciting future personal fitness world. A world that presents unlimited opportunities, securely delivered through ever-improving technology.

Fitta will have a significant impact on the personal fitness industry, helping both the end user, together with the personal fitness supplier as a small business. This will result in Fitta growing into a significant and relevant global organisation.

2.0 Conclusion

Fitta’s USP is an alternative and realistic solution for the modern personal fitness industry.

Personal fitness isn’t revolutionary. But, providing it through a medium that is now massively popular and growing daily, will see the market undergo significant change and disruption.

Legacy providers have made things worse in many ways, and this is the start of looking at how new architecture creates real opportunities for both consumer and providers, to allow migration away from the current offerings.

Fitta will revolutionise the personal fitness industry, through scalability, growth, cost of delivery changes and response times, providing both benefits and opportunities for all.

Crowdfunding will allow the rapid pace of innovation that is essential.

Our vision is, that between 2017-2022, Fitta will be at the forefront of a lot of change, moving technological pieces, influencing change and creating a new architecture opportunity for the product to move into.

We believe consumers and service providers alike will migrate from legacy providers to the new, attractive infrastructure that Fitta will provide. The benefits are enormous in terms of scalability and growth, plus changes in the cost of delivery servicing and the cost of transaction times. What’s more, there will be the ability to achieve a 24/7 environment.

So, we are totally confident that by the time we get to 2022, the expectation will match the delivery of these high quality personal fitness services. There will be new data sources, a whole new green field and new determinants allowing alliances and increased footfall to drive the process.

The new technology will allow inexpensive alliances and communications – and AI will make things more efficient, allowing people to work together in ways they’ve never been able to do before.

This will open up whole new genuine territories. And introducing decision-based algorithms in future development, will also further improve the customer end-user experience.

The substantial potential benefits to the end user are clear. Lower costs, more competition, efficiency gains and increased access to personal fitness products and markets.

Because of the breakthroughs in technology capabilities in terms of hardware, software, telecommunications, data analytics and artificial intelligence, Fitta will introduce a level of technological innovation that will revolutionise the personal fitness sector.

3.0 Summary

Fitta is an innovation that will transform the market, including the internet, big data, and social media, by the intelligent use of advanced analytics in relation to knowing the customer.

Fitta will be delivering a very high level of services and personal fitness modelling, providing real time, instant solutions, between individuals and providers – wherever they may be.

Future development will incorporate Artificial Intelligence, distributed ledger technology, infrastructure and distribution software platforms. This will include crowdfunding, which will allow Fitta to raise finance from a large
number of individuals.

Depending upon the type of contributions, related rewards will vary on the type of development and the evolution of the project.

The Fitta platform is an innovative technology that will replace legacy service activities and will include and introduce existing and new products and services. It will provide customers and service providers with the potential to
address long-standing and widespread challenges to the personal health and fitness system.

It will change the business opportunity and will fully embrace the benefits of Fintech in the future, including progressive payment systems, speeding up transactions and reducing costs.

Fitta will breathe new life into the personal fitness retail customer experience, the personal fitness retail supply chain, the personal fitness retail operations – and represents the future of the personal fitness and health industry.

Fitta has an outstanding future. It represents something excitingly different – innovation with blockchain and IT, disintermediation of the customer base – and digitisation.

Welcome to the new personal fitness world of Fitta and welcome to the future.